WELCOME legendZ,

Founder of LMT (Legendary Music Team), RKM Legend created LMT as a new way of life. LMT is not for the weak but for the strong. But not strong physically but instead mentally. 


RKM Legend grew up with no love, no hope and felt alone for the majority of his upbringing. But he didn't let that stop him and neither should you. The Methods that he used to get him out of depression, anger, suicidal thoughts and more he put it all in a theology he called LMT. Which stands for Legendary Music Team. LMT is not just a Organization & Empire but also Lifestyle for those that want a family, love, self worth, and mental control over ones self and people. 




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Take Care

-RKM Legend


 (Watch LMT on Fox News feeding every homeless person in Houston for Thanksgiving 2020 by clicking here







Elizabeth's Revenge – Official Movie (DIRECTED, WRITTEN & PRODUCED BY RKM LEGEND)